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New Testing Machine-bursting test

2013-01-21 source: click:2152

Computer Controlled Blasting Test Bench,we mainly use it in testing pneumatic and hydraulic products such as pneumatic connector, hydraulic fittings and tubes (PU tube, PE tube and nylon tube) .


It is with 2 sets which the supercharging ratio of 10:1 and 175:1 double-acting gas-liquid booster supercharging, the power source comes from the compressed air of 0.3-0.8Mpa, and the test pressure range is 1-240MPa, boost pressure step less adjustable ,output air pressure stable. After testing, The burst pressure of the pneumatic fittings is 4-5Mpa and the burst pressure of the pneumatic metal fittings is 5-6Mpa.


The computer testing machine, can help us guarnatee the quality of the products, It also greatly improves the quality of the products.


If any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact BELP PNEUMATIC! Looking forward to working together with you!

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